What is ShoreTension?

together with the Port Authority of Rotterdam the K.R.V.E. developed the ShoreTension® system. A tensioning system for the maritime industry which delivers permanent tension without the need of constant external energy. The ShoreTension is a flexible stand-alone mooring system, based on a permanent tension of shore mooring lines without the need of external energy. It reduces the movements of a moored vessel caused by strong wind, current or passing vessels.

Control valves ensure that the tension of the shore mooring line does not exceed the Safe Working Load of the vessel’s ropes and bollards.

Every ShoreTension has its own wireless controller that works on solar energy. This enables the captain of the ship, the terminal operator and other parties to remotely monitor the tension on the mooring lines in real-time. Through SMS, all parties involved can be automatically notified if the safe working load (SWL) of a mooring line approaches the pre-established limits and additional measures are required. In this way, the pre-alert system helps you to keep control on your mooring lines and the vessel. The settings of the control unit can be remotely adjusted.

Other information available through the wireless control unit relates to the pressure of the ShoreTension, the tension in the mooring line, the battery power and the displacement of the rod of the ShoreTension. The electronic wireless system also logs a complete data history.

The remote monitoring system for the Shore Tension is develop by 101Solutions.